Job Placement

The ultimate goal of your training at ATC is to obtain a job in the field you have chosen. To assist you in this goal, our job placement assistance department will help you look for a job and prepare you for your job interview.

No less than six weeks prior to your scheduled graduation, your job search should begin. The placement Coordinator conducts seminars that will train you how to search and apply for a job and will assist you in the preparation of a resume which will present you to prospective employers in a professional manner.

As you near graduation, you will be directed to potential employers and job opportunities which have been identified by the placement department. Searching for a job must be approached in a positive manner. Your search includes interviews set up by the placement department and/or on your own. Finding the right job for you is your responsibility and depends on your effort and commitment to the task. The school cannot guarantee you a job. The placement department will work with you to assist you with the process.

You must inform the placement department once you have secured employment. If you decline the schools’ job placement assistance, you are required to sign a placement waiver. From time to time you will receive follow up communication from the placement office. Job placement assistance for our graduates is an on-going process with no time limit imposed.

All inquiries, questions and concerns regarding job placement and job placement assistance should be directed to the schools’ placement department or the school director.