Philosophy and Objectives

Our institutional objective is to provide oriented training programs to help the student develop the quality job skills needed for success in career areas offering long-range opportunities. Our programs are designed to put the student in the job market as quickly as possible consistent with the amount of training needed to gain employment. We provide hands-on, practical (learn-by-doing), training in fields where there is a demand for qualified entry-level employees. Flexible morning, afternoon and evening schedules allow students to finish their training even if employed before graduation.

Medical Assistant program mission is to provide post-secondary educational vocational training to individuals who wish to become employed in the medical field as a medical assistant. The graduate will be able to perform front and back office tasks, such as communicating with insurance companies and phlebotomy, and other related tasks to the medical office or hospital. Graduates would be able to work in doctor’s offices, hospitals, labs, outpatient clinics, chiropractic offices, acupuncture offices, and physical therapy clinics.

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